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David Graham's
Hungry for a “good time”..........with cheese?
It’s time to get full.
Sit back and order up the bountiful talents of David Graham!

A multitalented entertainer channeling every one of his gifts
to the comedy stage. This classically trained “husband” sets his sights on hitting those hard to reach areas of the comedic palate as his audiences gorge themselves on comedy custom-built for the entire family. Hailed as the number one registered “clean comedian” in America four years running, David offers:

“I wanna take comedy to that special place, but I wanna take EVERYBODY with me. It’s like cooking for a large group. It’s gotta taste great, AND be so everybody can eat.”

As a nineteen year veteran of the stage, David brings an accomplished singing voice, athleticism, life experiences, spot-on impressions and a dazzling, lightning- quick wit. His acapella rendition of the “Temptations” has won world-wide raves as he does all four-parts harmony all by himself!

And who does Michael Jackson’s voice as a grown man and Makes his voice younger, and younger, and younger finishing with a spot-on “I Want You Back?”
………That’s David Graham!

Churches use his inspiration; Corporations “bank” on his team-building connectivity; Colleges start their semesters with his energy; Private organizations increase their membership.

Everybody eats!
Meet David Graham
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